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How does it work

  1. Login to Deals Rebates
  2. Find great deals, rebates, and coupons.
  3. Use "Share" button in the top right corner to share the specific deals with your friends,colleges, or social networks.
  4. Receive 10% of ALL rebates that people your referred are going to receive from Deals Rebates for as long as they keep using and saving with Deals Rebates!

Example - December 2009

Who Purchase Cash Rebate Received
you Norton AntiVirus 2010 for $39.99 from Symantec (10% rebate) $4
you Approved No annual fee 5% Cashback Credit Card Application from Discover ($20 rebate)  $20

 Your personal rebates earned: $24

 John, Jane, James, and Janis are people you have referred (some time ago they follow through your link and created new account at Deals Rebates):



Cash Rebate Received

John Batman Dark Knight - Batman Grand Heritage Collection for $499.99 (10% rebate) $50
John Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera, 21 Mega Pixels for $3,499.99 from (3% rebate)  $104.99
John Full size car rent, 1 week @ JFK Airport, NY for 484.99 from Budget Car Rentals (1.5% rebate) $7.27
Jane Ultra Lean Extreme, 4 bottles $35.99 ea. = 143.96 from Advanced Nutrition (5% rebate) $7.20
Jane Yes To Carrots Pampering Spa Manicure, 2 for $25.48 from (5% rebate) $1.27
James 12 Month Economy Shared Hosting Plan from Godaddy ($32.5 rebate) $32.5
Janis Kenmore White 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator for $495.88 from Sears (1% rebate) $4.96
Janis 5 Gift cards $100 each from Sears (1% rebate) $5
Janis 4 3/8 Carat Sky Blue Topaz, Sapphire & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring for $295.00 from (5% rebate) $14.75
Janis Kathy Van Zeeland Tote for $69.99 from (5.5% rebate) $3.85
Janis Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa
Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata, 5 nights, 2 persons for $998 from (2.5% rebate) 

Their total rebates earned: $231.79

Your referral rebates earned: 10% of $231.79 = $23.18

Your total rebates earned in December 2009: $24 + $23.18 = $47.18

 Program Details

  1. You need to login to Deals Rebates before using "Share" button.
  2. You can share links to the following website pages: the main site, rebates/coupons/deals categories, store details, specific rebates/coupons/deals, and product pages.
  3. Anybody clicking your link and creating new account at Deals Rebates within 48 hours of clicking your link will become your referral. You will receive 10% of ANY rebates they earn regardless what was the initial deal/rebate/coupon that brought them to Deals Rebates. This will also NOT affect the amount of rebates they receive (they will receive the same amount of rebates regardless whether they signed up  using your link or not). 

Program Policies

  1. You are NOT ALLOWED to refer yourself.
  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to solicit current users of Deals Rebates to create secondary accounts as your referrals
  3. SPAM in any form (incl. email spam) will be ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED.
  4. You are NOT ALLOWED to create accounts on behalf of somebody else.
  5. Any redirection to Deals Rebates website that is not a result of user click on the posted link is NOT ALLOWED (e.g. using iframes, traffic exchanges, robots, etc)
  6. Please check this page often for any policies updates.
  7. All violators will get the referring privileges removed!



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